Introducing Geshelli Labs Digital to Analog Converter. For our latest DAC, we chose to feature the Asahi Kasei 4490EQ. We feel their chip incorporated into our design gives you highly accurate sound reproduction along with smooth tonal quality. 

It will give you a whole new listening experience when it comes to your favorite file formats including: .flac, .mp3, .wav, etc.

Just plug it into your compatible streaming digital audio port, sit back and enjoy.


AK4490 - AK4117 Chipset

256x Oversampling

THD+N 112dB S/N 120dB

20-20,000Hz Ultra Flat Frequency Response

24 Bit 192khz Toslink/Coaxial Inputs

Independent Ultra Low Noise Power Regulators

Hi Fidelity Line Out Driver Circuit (600 ohm)

Laser Cut Plexiglass Case

FCC Class A Verified

FCC Efficiency Power Supply Included

Dimensions - 4.5"x3.5"x1.5"


ENOG PRO DAC Manual (pdf)