Improve & ADAPT

After several iterations of board designs, we finally made it to finish line with the Archel2.  This is our rendition of a simple yet incredibly clean amplifier.  The Archel2 now sports a switch that runs the amplifier in a unity gain or 4x gain mode.  We maintained our signature Geshelli look but added a new LED on the front that serves as the gain mode indicator.  Overall we are very proud with our new offering and hope you enjoy it too!

Audio Science Review

Amir at Audio Science Review was kind enough to give the amp a look-see.  


Inside the Hood

  • TI 1652 Op Amp Based Design
  • Impedance 16ohms-600ohms
  • Audio Taper Potentiometer (A100K)
  • RF Grade Low Noise Regulators
  • 3.5mm / RCA Inputs (Selectable)
  • 1/4" Stereo Output
  • 12v FCC Level 6 Power Supply (Included)
  • LED Control (Red/Blue/Purple/Off)
  • Gain Switch (Unity Gain or 4x)


  • < .000095% THD+N @ 2Vrms
  • > 120dB SINAD
  • > 125dB SNR
  • 600 mWatt Per Channel @ 16ohms 
  • Ultra Flat Frequency Response

Case Options

  • Several Color Options
  • Aluminum Case (Plexi Front/Back)
  • Optional All Plexi Case Design
  • All Plexi Comes in Clear or Smoked


User Manual

archel2 (pdf)