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Wood Dove Tails

Erish 3 (E3) now available!

Our newest fully balanced headphone amp.

We brought the E3 with us to Axpona to see what folks thought and it was a hit! You’ve been asking and it’s finally here. Featuring four, yes four, Sparkos 2590 opamps, it has been able to drive whatever we’ve thrown at it. The E3 has the same form factor as the A3 and will come in wood or aluminum.

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It’s that time of year! Axpona!

Come visit us at Axpona 2024 on the 12th Floor. We will have 4 rooms (3x Listening Rooms [with Neil Blanchard Designs], and 1x Headphone Room). The show dates: Friday April 12th to Sunday April 14th. See ya there!

Come Visit Us at FLAX

Come see us at the Florida Audio Expo Friday Feb. 16th through Sunday the 18th. Click Here for More Info!

Aluminum A3

The Aluminum Archel 3 cases have arrived!  Please visit the Archel 3 Pro product page to order.

Zoofa and Dayzee

We’ve released both the Zoofa (Integrated Amplifier) and Dayzee (DAC).  They can be purchased by sending an Inquiry via the contact form.  We will contact you and start one on one communications so you can design your device.

Initially the Zoofa and Dayzee will be released in US/Canada only.  Freight Forwarding orders will not be accepted.  Thank You!

Click Here to view the Zoofa Page.

Click Here to view the Dayzee Page.

Check out the 3D Case Viewer.

see the aluminum and wood cases with all of our available glass colors in 3d!

AKM is Back!

We are taking orders for the J2S AKM version now!  When you place your order select the AK4499EXEQ DAC chip option.  We’re just as excited as you are!

The Erish 2 and JNOG 2 are shown in a  Bubinga wood finish.  The headphones shown are  Spirit TorinoCheck them out at Here.

A Balanced Life


With the Erish 2's industry leading low distortion numbers, it will give you a completely noise free listening experience.


At 2 Watts per Channel the E2 will deliver output to the most demanding headphones.


Don't break the bank when purchasing a headphone stack. Our affordable prices come with an incredibly high build quality.

J2 & A2.5XL Stack

Elevate your current headphone setup with the JNOG2 + ARCHEL2.5 combo.  The Geshelli design will bring you an ultra clear pristine sound experience like none other.  The classy wood designs give you the option to add a unique style to your desktop.  The J2 plug and play design means you can get up and running right out of the box.  The A2.5XL will provide you with 2 Watts per Channel of power to drive the most demanding headphones.

Wood in picture is custom Zebra/Wenge with gold plates.  This or many other wood configurations available upon request.  Just contact us here or at

The New Site is Up!

Update:  We’ve been fixing small things here and there.  If you emailed us, OR filled out the contact form and we haven’t responded, please try again.  If you run across any issues on the site, please let us know in the contact form.  Overall the ordering system is working great and things have been going pretty smooth with the update.  Thanks!


Well after a ton of work – we finally got the new site up and running.  Please bear with us while we continue to bring in more content.  We are working super hard on getting everything up and running at 100%.  In the mean time if there are any issues please contact us at or call us at 321.312.0155.  Thanks for your patience!

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